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MSiReader User Guide

Our extensive User Guide provides detailed program usage information for analyzing MSI data with the MSiReader program. The User Guide is included in the MSiReader’s installation folder, and is also available below for convenience. A collection of video tutorials on commonly used program features and workflows can be found here.

Download Test Data Sets. A series of folders, one for each major MSiReader functionality. Each folder contains the appropriate data file(s), as well as a README.txt file to help you learn how to use MSiReader’s analysis tools in the most effective way.


A variety of popular questions from other users just like yourself, and their answers. 

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Professional Support

We offer free dedicated professional support via phone, email, Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet to all users of MSiReader Pro (paid subscription), with the aim of helping you maximize your productivity.


Dedicated support is not offered for users of the free (Basic) MSiReader version.


Customized Solutions

Need a customized solution for higher impact? Development of specific tools and workflows is available upon request! Contact us today for details and pricing.

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