Our Mission

MSI Software Solutions, LLC is dedicated to the continuous development and refinement of MSI Reader to provide the MSI community with a diverse range of effective and efficient tools to support your research.


Intuitive user interfaces, tool tips, user manual in both PDF and HTML and video tutorials provide a superior user experience.

High Impact Discoveries

Turn raw data into information using MSiReader.

Biological Insights

Supporting both discovery (hypothesis-generating) and targeted (hypothesis-driven) research leads to new findings in diverse disciplines.

Our Product

To help satisfy the growing need for a vendor-neutral, supported product, MSI Software Solutions developed MSiReader Pro, a versatile vendor-neutral MSI data visualization, analysis, and interpretation platform designed and built to deliver an enhanced user experience with intuitive user interfaces to aid in the visualization and analysis of HRAM datasets.

MSI Reader versions: Basic and Professional

The basic version is provided free of charge to the MSI community to support effective collaborations using standard analysis tools, data visualization with images, charts and figures, and data import and export in a variety of industry formats. 


To accelerate discoveries with a supported enhanced experience, we recommend MSiReader Professional with a paid subscription. 

MSiReader Pro offers improved computational performance, professional analysis tools and workflows, and dedicated support.